Privacy Policy Notice

Current regulations require financial institutions (including investment funds) to provide their investors with an initial and annual privacy policy notice describing the institution’s policies regarding the sharing of information about their investors. In connection with this requirement, we are providing this Privacy Policy Notice to each of our investors.

We do not disclose nonpublic personal information about our investors or former investors to third parties other than as described below. We collect information about you (such as name, address, social security number, assets and income) from our discussions with you, from documents that you may deliver to us (such as subscription documents) and in the course of providing services to you. In order to service your account and effect your transactions, we may provide your personal information to our affiliates and to firms that assist us in servicing your account and have a need for such information, such as our prime broker, legal counsel, fund administrator, auditors, or accountants. Because this information is essential to Fund operations, you cannot opt out of our sharing of this information. We do not otherwise provide information about you to outside firms, organizations or individuals except as required or permitted by law. Any party that receives this information will use it only for the services required and as allowed by applicable law or regulation, and is not permitted to share or use this information for any other purpose.

Except in those limited situations, we will not make any disclosures of information to other companies who may want to sell their products or services to you without your consent. We hope that the use of your information will result in improved service and responsiveness, access to new service offerings and detection of unusual behavior to help prevent unauthorized transactions or fraud within your account. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. The examples contained within this privacy policy are illustrations and they are not intended to be exclusive. This notice complies with Federal law and regulations adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding privacy.